Hate and fear may come from the same place, but they are not the same thing

04 Nov Hate and fear may come from the same place, but they are not the same thing

Hate is the reaction that we feel towards something that is threatening us. Fear is what happens when we can’t do anything about it.

Not the reverse.

This is clearly observable, while there are some of us who run and scream at the sight of a spider or snake, there are others whose natural reactions, even as children, is to crush the threat, not to run calling for help.

Also note, the fear reaction includes calling for help. Hence, the natural and evolutionary understanding that there are those who are not helpless as you are, and will crush the threat for you.

This is not to say that these children don’t scare, they can be scared, and easily. Just not by the things that scare you. Because they innately recognize that a threat is to be dealt with by crushing it. Only when it can’t be crushed do we call for someone who can. And so they innately respond to spiders and snakes by crushing them.

Because they know that they can.

However, there are those of us who have great trouble with the fact there are people who are naturally more capable than they are, and so they experience cognitive dissonance in trying to process this fact. What comes out of this troubled thought process is the idea that deep down, everyone else is just as afraid as they are, they just don’t feel it.

This idea is inherently nonsensical. All emotions are, by definition, felt. In fact, if an emotion is not felt, it does not exist, as it has no impact, and no place in which it can reside. This is heresy. I know. But modern science defines quantifiable energies according to their measurability, and unfelt emotions have no measurability. The potential for emotions are not an effective measuring factor, as that is only reading from what may or may not exist with absolutely no difference in results. In other words, the capacity for an emotion does not dictate its presence.

Fear signals in the brain are what cause to feel fear, and when they are not active, it does not matter what might be under a different scenario, at that time there is no fear. You can stand and argue that he might feel fear if things were different, but we are not talking about your hypotheticals, we are talking about what is. And in what is, there is no fear.


So, when you are dealing with a patient, trying to get him to go see a therapist, remember that every shrink needs a shrink.

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