Study shows that ‘unhealthy’ nutrients aren’t all that unhealthy

08 Jul Study shows that ‘unhealthy’ nutrients aren’t all that unhealthy

A study recently published in PLOS ONE shows that saturated fats don’t necessarily hurt your heart.

The study was founded on the idea that people do not absorb their nutrients as raw minerals but as food, as a conglomerate of nutrients that the body refines and reorients for its own use.

With this in mind, researchers went ahead and studied the effects of butter on the human heart. For a bit of perspective, butter is the richest animal based saturated fat food source there is. Naturally, they thought that they would find extremely high risk of heart disease tied to butter.

They found none.

What they did find was that butter in fact reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes by a full four percent. That means that butter actually helps protect you from the second greatest health risk that medical community thought it gave you in the first place.

The reason for this is twofold: one, the human body processes whatever you put into it, it doesn’t just dump it into the blood stream. So your body doesn’t get saturated fats from consuming them, but by producing them. Much the way it turns the fat you consume into protein and the carbs you consume into fat. Two, your body doesn’t absorb individual nutrients, it absorbs groups, conglomerates of nutrients that it then utilizes as a whole in the best possible manner.

So, much like supplements, you don’t get these nutrients that you are so afraid of by consuming them outright (alcohol is an exception), but through lifestyle choices, that the body responds to and regulates itself accordingly.

So enjoy that butter, steak or whatever you like to eat. Just remember that your body will refine and produce the nutrients that fuel it based on your behavior, so keep that in line.


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