Top 10 nursing staffing agency in Pennsylvania

Top 10 nursing staffing agencies in Pennsylvania

If you want to get hired by the best staffing agency, you will first have to find the right nursing staffing agencies. This article will help you with the top 10 nursing staffing agencies in Pennsylvania. If you are serious about your nursing career, always think of contacting a nursing staffing agency that will help you out. And to get started, find out some information about the top 10 nursing staffing agencies in Pennsylvania.

1. Flagstar Nursing

The first one on the list is Flagstar Nursing. This nursing staffing agency is here in the industry for more than a decade and has helped numerous healthcare facilities find the right nursing candidate. They tailor their services to meet the requirements of local healthcare facilities and nursing homes. Flagstar Nursing provides everyone with a dedicated recruiter who ensures to help everyone walk through the application process without any hassle. Flagstar Nursing offers placement throughout Pennsylvania, and its service is available at a competitive price.

2. CHG Healthcare

Another good nursing staffing agency is CHG Healthcare. This agency provides nursing recruitment facilities to all kinds of medical facilities. Whether it’s a massive hospital or rural clinic, CHG Healthcare extends its help to all. This nursing staffing agency has 11 offices scattered over eight states. This nurse staffing agency work with nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and locum tenens physicians. This agency has been assisting healthcare institutions that are in remote areas.

3. Axis Medical Staffing

Axis Medical Staffing had its inception in 2004. The founders Adam McKinnon and Ryan Skjonsberg are committed to providing healthcare facilities with reliable nursing staff. They specialize in providing recruitment services in medical device organizations, government contracts, multi-specialty settings, acute care facilities, school districts, and correctional facilities. Whether you are looking for an imaging, pharmacist, physical therapy, surgical technologist, medical assistant, certified nursing assistant, and other jobs, Axis Medical Staffing can help.

4. Flagstar Rehab

Flagstar Rehab offers healthcare facilities to find the right healthcare staff. They can help healthcare organizations with RNs, LPNs, and CNAs. They have professionals ready to work with multiple facilities, such as jails, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, clinics, and hospitals. This nurse staffing agency can also help audiologists, nutritionists, psychologists, speech-language pathologists, etc., find their dream job.

5. Triage

Triage is a leading nursing staffing agency and had its inception in 2006. One of their specialties is travel nurse recruitment. The five major divisions that Triage can assist professionals with are cardiopulmonary, rehab therapy, radiology, lab, and nursing. They have all kinds of medical jobs that you are looking for. They also promise to help people with their job search.

6. Brightstar Care Staffing

This nursing staffing agency can help with medical staffing and in-home health care. They have around 300 branches operating throughout the country. Brightstar is proficient in helping nursing homes and hospitals find the right healthcare talent that will fit their requirements.

7. Aya Healthcare

Another nursing staffing agency that specializes in travel nursing staffing is Aya Healthcare. They have by far partnered with 24 hospitals all across the country and are a dedicated nurse staffing agency for them. They also do allied health staffing, which includes local staffing, per diem, pharmacy, surgical services, and cath lab.

Five Star Nursing is a dedicated nurse staffing agency and is here in the industry for more than three decades. This staffing agency can help both government and businesses alike whenever there is a need. They can help corporate health and wellness, hospitals, clinics, professional sports, laboratories, government agencies.

9. Atlas MedStaff

Atlas MedStaff is known to post nursing, therapist, and medical technology positions on its website. This is one of the largest nursing staffing agencies with a good reputation in the medical industry. They can help healthcare facilities with generalist medical technologists, cardiopulmonary respiratory therapy, vascular sonographer, ICU registered nurse, and more. Atlas MedStaff focuses on providing quality nursing staff.

10. AMN Healthcare

For the final one, you can try AMN Healthcare, which is here in the industry for over 25 years. They have different divisions for healthcare staffing. They can assist aspiring healthcare professionals in finding jobs in different healthcare facilities, such as home healthcare recruitment, allied health jobs, nursing, clinicians, and more.

Now you know about the top 10 nursing staffing agencies in Pennsylvania. If you are looking for a nursing job, visit


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