Watching TV increases risk of death

Watching TV increases risk of death

01 Aug Watching TV increases risk of death

A newly published study out of Japan shows that watching too much TV is more than bad for your head, it’s also a pretty sure way to kill yourself.

In fact, being sedentary is more likely to kill you than being obese is.

The study found that for every 2 hours daily spent watching TV (or otherwise being sedentary) the risk of death from a blood clot increased by 40 percent. Remarkably, these results do not change with ethnicity, gender or nationality. Apparently, death is nondiscriminatory.

What this means for us is that we must take breaks and stay active in between extended periods of forced immobility. The risk goes down based on how much exercise you do between these stretches of sitting in one place. Lying back is less dangerous, laying down completely with your feet slightly raised is less so.

Of course, the best option is to take the old boob tube out and use it to play baseball, or more likely cricket (or T-ball) as no one is going to use a flat screen to throw a curveball. Seeing as, for whatever reasons that may be, that isn’t happening, the next best option must be deployed: See to it that people who watch TV get a good deal of exercise to keep them healthy.


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