What is Certified Medical Assistant CMA

What is Certified Medical Assistant CMA

Medical assistants are undoubtedly one of the formidable pillars supporting the modern healthcare industry. They provide assistance to healthcare professionals alongside playing a crucial role in streamlining the delivery of healthcare services to patients. So, you might be wondering about “What is Certified Medical Assistant CMA?” and its implications for medical assistants.

As a matter of fact, the CMA or Certified Medical Assistant credential basically designates the certification of a candidate by the Certifying Board of the AAMA or American Association of Medical Assistants. The certification provides tangible proof of the skills of an individual to serve in the role of a medical assistant. Let us discover more about the Certified Medical Assistant or CMA certification in the following discussion.

General Responsibilities of a Medical Assistant

According to The American Association of Medical Assistants, the typical job responsibilities of medical assistants include,

  • Preparation of patients for tests
  • Documenting medical histories
  • Conducting electrocardiograms
  • Collection of samples for lab testing
  • Administrative functions such as preparation of insurance forms, maintenance of medical records, scheduling of appointments, and other tasks
  • Changing the wound dressings or removing the stitches
  • Working as the liaisons between the patients and the doctor

Medical assistants have to work in cross-disciplinary environments throughout different healthcare settings. The healthcare settings could be primarily focused on outpatient clinics, ambulatory care facilities, and medical offices. This is where you need to turn your focus towards ‘What is Certified Medical Assistant CMA?’ and its significance in career prospects for medical assistants.

Significance of the Certified Medical Assistant CMA Credential?

Employers in diverse healthcare settings seek certified medical assistants with the AAMA certification. The certification helps the employers find the candidates who are suitable for the job. The Certified Medical Assistant certification clearly shows that the certified candidate has the knowledge and skills for a wide range of general, administrative, and clinical responsibilities.

You can also notice the significance of the CMA certification in the fact that AAMA responds to over 100 employer requests for CMA verification on a daily basis for current as well as potential employees. The accreditation by the International Accreditation Service for AAMA ensures that the Certified Medical Assistant credential is a world-class certification.

CMA also features accreditation of the National Commission for Certifying Agencies or NCCA. Furthermore, the CMA certification program and the AAMA Certifying Board also hold the recognition of sole certification and certifying body for medical assisting featuring compliance with ISO 17024 as well as NCCA Standards.

Exam Conducting Authority

The next important thing to learn about the Certified Medical Assistant credential refers to the exam conducting authority. In the case of CMA, the National Board of Medical Examiners takes care of creating the CMA certification exam and its administration. The NBME takes different national exams for physicians, such as the United States Medical Licensing Examination. Therefore, you can clearly understand the value CMA brings to the career prospects for medical assistants.

Exam Details

The most crucial aspect for understanding ‘What is Certified Medical Assistant CMA?’ in detail would point towards the exam information. You have almost 180 questions in the exam that deals with three different domains, with each domain having a different number of questions. Let us take an overview of each domain in the Certified Medical Assistant or CMA exam.

  • Section 1

The first domain in the Certified Medical Assistant or CMA certification exam deals with clinical competency. You would find 106 questions from this domain, as it accounts for almost 59% of the total questions in the exam. It deals with the topics of clinical workflow, safety and infection control, pharmacology, and medical procedures or examinations.

  • Section 2

The second domain of the CMA certification deals with general topics such as communication alongside legal and ethical issues. It features around 38 questions in the total exam.

  • Section 3

The final domain of the CMA certification exam includes 36 questions and deals with administrative functionalities. The topics covered in this domain include appointment scheduling, health information management, billing, coding, and insurance.


The Certified Medical Assistant or CMA certification provides a reliable instrument for strengthening your career prospects as a medical assistant. First of all, you can find a comprehensive evaluation of your skills and knowledge in different dimensions of the profession of medical assistants. At the same time, credibility of the certifying authority, AAMA, and the accreditations for CMA make it a top-order professional certification for medical assistants. Learn more about the Certified Medical Assistant credential now and expand your career opportunities.

What is Certified Medical Assistant CMA


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