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Flagstar Nursing has more than a decade of experience in the healthcare staffing industry. We specialize in healthcare staffing. We tailor to local nursing homes and facilities and their current patient’s needs. At Flagstar Nursing, we believe that quality is the heart of our business. Flagstar Nursing is committed to recruiting, hiring, and training experienced healthcare professionals.

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At Flagstar Nursing we understand that our employees are our greatest asset.

As a Flagstar Nursing teammate you will receive the following benefits

Client testimonials

“I was referred to Five Star by my school and they contacted me right away to set up an appointment for the next day! How cool is that?!”

Shakira, CNA (Brooklyn)

“The service was wonderful and the whole entire staff was very professional”

Britney, CNA (Bronx)

“The staff was great and very helpful!”

Temeca, LPN (Manhattan)

“Easy process and respectful environment”

Adetutu, LPN (Bronx)

“Very efficient and courteous experience with the staff”

Oswald, CNA (Brooklyn)

“My friend spoke highly about this agency.”

Clerline, RN (Brooklyn)

“Your agency waited patiently for me to get my physical forms from my doctor’s office, which I appreciate so much. They also continue to follow-up with me during that time.”

Marcia, CNA (Bronx)

“The process was fast and easy!”

Rosemarie, LPN (Long Island)

““A recruiter reached out to me very quickly which pleasantly surprised me. They were very flexible for interview dates, and accommodated me very quickly””

Susan, CNA (Bronx)

“Easy to use application

Andrew, LPN (Bronx)

“I am looking forward to becoming a member of the Flag Star Nursing team”

Camille, CNA (Long Island)