Registered Nurse Salary Range in Pennsylvania

Registered Nurse Salary Range in Pennsylvania
Working in the healthcare sector is like setting up a rewarding career. Registered Nurse is the most common and prestigious position among other job positions in the health industry. Most of the candidates look forward to being interested in the medical field to pursue a registered nurse job in their careers.

The Registered Nurse Salary Range in Pennsylvania is approximately $ 42.63 per hour or $12,495 per annum. The nurse holding a license and certification is highly preferred in hospitals and other health service places.

Work Field Of Registered Nurse

The registered nurse is offered jobs in various healthcare sectors. Most of the candidates get a job with a good salary package in hospitals, including government, private, and local. The Registered Nurse Salary Range in Pennsylvania differs in the government and private sectors.

In government hospitals, they are paid a high salary, while the salary is average in private clinics. They also get opportunities in ambulatory healthcare services. These services include industries such as home healthcare, physician’s offices, outpatient care centers, private clinics, dispensaries, etc.

In addition, the nurses also serve in the military, where the salary structure is much higher compared to other areas. Registered nurses are needed for emergency and immediate care in the military sector. Hence, this sector prefers well-qualified nurses with years of experience.

The registered nurse is provided jobs in home health, travel to patient’s homes, and the nurse serving public health may have to travel to different community centers, schools, and other sites.

Work Schedule Of Registered Nurse

The registered nurse’s working timetable is not fixed. They have a variety of time scheduled in their entire career. Even the shifts are not similar every day. The nurses have to work in different shifts as directed, such as day shifts, night shifts, and evening shifts.
Nurses work for about 8 to 12-hour shifts per the organization’s regulations. The traditional work schedule is Monday to Friday, provided with weekend offs. But they even work throughout the week in the form of rotational shifts.

A registered nurse’s work schedule depends on the health sector facilities and industry where they work. When a nurse is working as a floor nurse in a hospital setting, they usually work for 12-hour shifts and 3 to 4 days a week, while nurses in hospital settings work in 12 hours shifts in rotational form. The registered nurses also work outside the hospital setting and have different working hours. For example, a school nurse works 8-hour shifts from Monday to Friday.

Based on the work schedule, the salary range differs. It depends on the hours of working, shifts, and the places they are working for. The Registered Nurse Salary Range in Pennsylvania depends on all these factors.

Different Types Of Duties Of Registered Nurse

The registered nurses have various types of work to handle during their entire working hours. They are also paid based on the types of duties and numbers of work they perform on a daily basis.

The common duties performed by the registered nurse are accessing each patient’s condition in a given time interval and recording their health conditions such as blood pressure, heartbeat, pulse, and saturation level. These are monitored frequently to observe the patient’s condition. The nurse administrates the treatment and medicines and ensures that the patient has taken the medication along with the after symptoms are also monitored.

The registered nurse sets up plans for patient care because each patient suffers from various health issues. The nurses consult the doctors when needed and provide immediate service based on the requirement. They are trained in operating medical equipment, and they monitor the patient’s health through the devices. The nurses also help in performing diagnostic tests and analyzing the results. The registered nurses are also considered tutors who teach the patients to manage their health conditions. These are the common duties performed by nurses.

The registered nurse performs different types of specialized duties in the hospitals. They are appointed in the specialized departments of the medical sector. Their work schedule also varies in terms of their specialization. The nurse in the critical care department works in ICU to serve patients dealing with severe and complex illnesses. Cardiovascular nurses provide care to patients suffering from heart disease.

The registered nurse working in the genetic department does the screening and counseling of patients with genetic disorders, while the nephrology nurse takes care of patients suffering from kidney health issues. There are many specialized fields where the registered nurses are appointed based on their specialty, and even their salary range differs in the departments.